RSVP Reader

This was a fun project one weekend in 2019. The user can select a book from the dropdown and press play. The book that they have chosen gets delivered to them one word at a time. The user can modify the words per minute, pause and stop. It should also be possible to enter the exact word you want to skip to, but this is not currently working correctly. The idea is to eventually allow users to signup and login and be able to bookmark their books so they can pick up from where they left off.

This is basically a Laravel API back end and a jQuery front end. The text files are stored on S3 and accessed by the JavaScript via the API. It was just a little project designed to allow me to create something with JavaScript.

There is quite a large "Todo List" for this app that I have not got around to doing since I built the site in August 2019. All the issues are with the JavaScript, the Laravel back end was very simple and straight forward.

One major thing I would like to do is to update the jQuery to a more modern JavaScript framework like Vue or React. Having just worked on a Vue and Gatsby project this may be quite soon.

Added: 15 Mar 2020

Modified: 03 Jan 2021