Snooker Test 3

Starting to look a bit more like snooker but the physics of the balls is not realistic. The cue is represented by a cube which can be rotated around the cueball and travels towards the cueball radially to strike it. The cue is constrained to the plane of the table so the balls may get raised up into the air, like in this video.

The cue might normally vanish, or be still, after a shot has been taken but for this test it is able to continue to be in play. The idea would be for a shot to happen then the cue to come back in play after all the balls are completely still, but the main problem I've been having is to get the balls to stop moving. This test has a coroutine that should stop the cueball 2 seconds after contact with another ball. It doesn't always work due to the conditions I've put in place but even without those conditions it's erratic.

Also in this test the camera follows the position of the cueball.

Added: 12 Jul 2015



Unity 3D